Welcome Letter

On behalf of Community School Student Partnerships, welcome to the movement! CSSP was started by a small group of students seeking to establish educational equity and strong community service ties to our West Philadelphia neighbors and it is with this vision that we have developed our program. This year we have hundreds of Penn mentors across five University-Assisted-Community-School sites, all working to forge meaningful connections with the scholars we serve. We have grown from a small student group to a multi-faceted organization serving scholars and schools in multiple programs.


This semester we opened with a General Body Meeting to share the executive goals of CSSP with all mentors and board members. We discussed the concept of filling our scholars’ “buckets” with our positive and consistent presence as mentors. Recent turmoil within the school district has left a void of consistency that CSSP mentors are perfectly positioned to fill. CSSP’s mentors demonstrate an incredible level of consistency and compassion. For this reason, I know that the scholars enjoy every minute with their mentors. This visible commitment to and investment in scholars shows that CSSP mentors are a positive presence at our school sites.


If you aren’t already involved with CSSP this semester, I highly encourage you to click around our site to learn more and consider applying for the next semester of mentoring.  We have a wide range of available programming options, from day-school to after-school at five different university-assisted community schools- all of which promise a fulfilling and impactful experience through service to the schools of West Philadelphia.


We hope to see you soon!


Lara Jung and Celina Nhan



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