Lea Elementary School

LeaThe Henry C. Lea School is a K-8 elementary located at 47th and Locust where big things are happening. As a result of the unification in 2013 of Lea and Alexander Wilson Elementary, a previous CSSP partner school, our site now includes many scholars with varying backgrounds. Not only does this mean that our mentors have the chance to engage with a diverse mix of students, it also means that a rich base of strong teachers and veteran mentors from both sites have come together to make the Community School stronger than ever. Now with a newly renovated playground the scholars cannot get enough of running, jumping, and playing outside!  In addition, the recent initiative, ‘Greening Lea’, is starting (with the help of the scholars) to turn the normally asphalt covered playground into a ‘green’ environment filled with a large variety of plants, flowers and trees.  Beyond CSSP, the school features several addition exciting programs through Penn and other community stakeholders that provide students with opportunities for music, arts, basketball, green space, healthy eating, and more.

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